Why We Boycott

First of all we like to state that we are not here to destroy Mobile Strike, we love the game and love playing it and we want to continue to do so. However your team has gone way over board with this drip feeding features and have the attitude of just sucking as much money out of us then actually caring to keep the game fun.

Below are the main reason #nopacks2017 boycott started.

Drip Feeding Features

This is probably the most primary announce, you keep adding new features every 2/3 days which makes buying packs depressing, we want to buy them, we want to spend money but you keep making what we boy obsolete in a matter of days and that has angered everyone.

I can not fathom to think who on your team thought that would be a good idea, to literally piss off 90% of your customers… Every 3 days???

Packs should change only once a month. Each month add new features. 1st of every month when everyone gets paid you also come out with a new pack filled with new features, gear etc etc

Commander Promotion

Why do you keep changing whats need to upgrade the commander? first comerance then commander commener now valour, we have excess of the previous ones hoping it would count to wards the new ranks but you change it for no reason besides making us pay more.

Merge them all into one and stop separating it, same as VIP points.

Obsolete Speeds Ups

What is with the consent increase in speed ups requirements for new research? 100 day speeds ups used to be all you needed now 1,000 day speeds ups are obsolete, what will you guys do in 6 months time? Will we be seeing 500,000 day speed ups?

Its ridiculous and you are only doing it so we can’t use any previous speeds up and if we did, we would use them all almost straight away or they wouldn’t even cover 20%.

We want you to stop increase search times.