Join The Boycott

The Boycott is simple – Stop Buying Packs, big or small. Most of us have done so already, the ones that haven’t have yet to realise they are trapped. Until they fix the issue we have listed in “Why We Boycott” we will no longer buy anything.

STEP 1 – Coming together

First things first – Join out Facebook Group, there are lots of players just like us who are unaware of this union and feel helpless in the direction the game is going but don’t want to delete the app out of fear of losing all the money they have invested so far, we all feel trapped so lets do something about it:

“we have strength in numbers:” MSPlayersUnited

STEP 2 – In game Awareness 

In synergy with step one we need to advertise to others about the movement, even the few not so disgruntle with the game will soon realise playing on their own is not fun and will be happy to join in specially if it betters their own playing experience in the long run.

Rename Every Captured Commander:

  • NoPacks2017
  • BoycottMS
  • MSboycott

They will and have already started to block this, but keep trying and make different variations

In your profile you have a scrolling banner where you can write anything. Please also put the above Phrases or even our websites: &

STEP 3 – Out Game Awareness

Facebook search any Mobile Strike Group and join it, tell them about this website and the boycott – there are 1000’s of us out there, lets find one place to unit and hit them hard till the have no choice but to listen.

Link the website on every comment in Mobiles Strikes own Facebook Page:

We see loads of you all #nopacks2017 – keep up the good work and don’t forget to link our Facebook group aswell:

Step 4 – The Trump Card

Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger – Great guy, Awesome career he has had. He probably just signed a contracted with the developers allowing them to use his name/reputation/publicity to add weight to the game. He probably got paid handsomely for it too.

But I bet you he didn’t expect to be the face of one of the worlds biggest rip off’s. And we can sure as hell let him know that is exactly what he is.

Arnold is the face of Mobile Strike and Mobile strike is ripping of 1000’s of people, all we have to do is make him aware of it. Make him aware the the greediness of the developers of Mobiles Strike are damaging his name and his reputation.

Do everything you have done in Step 3 and do it on Arnold’s own Facebook Page:

Go to his website and write to him your personal story to why you feel ripped off by Mobile Strike, how you feel trapped that if you don’t keep paying hundreds of US dollar’s a month you will obsolete in the game and unable to participate.

You can write to Arnold here: